20 October 2022

An overview


Nonwovens made from polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene or viscose; chemically or thermally bonded, needle punched or water jet bonded; hydrophilic or hydrophobic (water repellent), anti-static, oil repellent, flame retardant, acoustically efficient ….

This list of raw materials, manufacturing processes and functions from the field of nonwovens gives an example of the almost limitless variety of these materials available.

The technical terms listed illustrates that nonwovens are an extremely hi-tech product which occurs in our daily lives to an almost unimaginable extent.

Nonwovens carry out many and important functions and contribute greatly to our quality of life in the modern world. However, because they are often in the background, they are taken for granted.

Our opinion is that this is a valid reason to introduce this interesting material in more detail.

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