20 October 2022

Acoustic system


Lantorisol is an acoustic system specially designed by Lantor to meet the requirements in room acoustics for use in drywall construction, interior finishing in wood and metal. The system consists of various materials: Acoustic fleeces, voluminous sound absorption felts, trickle protection fleeces as well as protective fabrics.

Lantorisol materials can be combined as required and used as an acoustically effective system in all common ceiling and wall systems (metal, plaster, wood).

For many years, the Lantorisol acoustic system has been established on the market as a recognised standard and sets standards. Lantorisol is mainly used in commercial construction and in this area especially in schools, sports halls, kindergartens, office buildings, ticket halls, concert halls, etc.

In the sub-navigation you will find a detailed description of the individual materials in the system as well as the technical data sheet associated with each material with a description of the most important technical properties.

You can request the Lantorisol sample folder quickly and easily via the Sample Order section.


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